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Classic lanyards

Lanyards made of polyester and nylon

Lanyards with satin

Lanyards with sewed-on satin ribbon

Eco lanyards

Bamboo viscose, wool felt or cotton

Special lanyards

Leather, latex, denim or felt


Lanyards that resemble a shoestring

Customised products

Do you have your own idea?

Product details

Be inspired by our wide range of lanyards options.

Lanyards 101

Everything you need to know, and practical tips on our lanyards.

Promotional item information

You can find general information on our promotional items here.

  • Classic lanyards

    Our classic product and top seller
    made of polyester and nylon.
    100% custom-tailored.

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  • Lanyards with satin

    Premium lanyards
    with sewed-on satin ribbon and
    for example unicolored woven logo.

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  • Kandinsky Eco-Lanyards

    Individual sustainable lanyards
    made of bamboo viscose,
    wool felt or cotton.
    Starting from only 500 units!

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  • Special lanyards

    High-quality lanyards made of
    leather, latex, denim or felt, for
    example with a logo embossed
    on one side.

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  • Shoelaces with logo

    High-quality lanyards
    made of polyester that
    resemble a shoestring.

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  • Trendy Short-Straps

    Our popular combination
    of lanyard and key chain,
    short but great!

    To our short-straps

Special extras at a low price:

fluorescent printing  •  reflecting stripes  •  Laser treatment on snap hook  •  PVC label  •  Laser treatment on Clip-Lock  •  mauve material weaving  •  eco-label  •  Folding box with logo  •  Tone-in-tone weaving  •  identity card sleeves  •  and much more...

lasing on Clip-Lock
reflecting stripes
PVC label
printing on snap hook

Our products at a glance:

Classic lanyards
Our classic product and top seller made of polyester and nylon
Lanyards with satin
Our premium lanyards
with sewed-on satin ribbon
Eco lanyards
Our eco series made of PET material, bamboo, wool felt, and cotton
Special lanyards
Special lanyards made of
leather, latex, denim, and felt
Popular lanyards
made from shoelaces
Customised products
Do you have your own idea?
We like to implement them.
These products might be interesting for you:
Trendy Short-Straps
Our popular combination of
lanyard and key chain.
Felt Straps
Felt is in. Our trendy felt keyrings
make your logo touchable.
Neoprene Straps
The new cult keychain
made of neoprene.
Fashion Lanyards

Highly fashionable accessories
made of genuine leather.
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Neutral lanyards & badge covers

Fast delivery. Neutral lanyards
without printing as items on stock.
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Badge Reels

Small but nice and moreover
a practical helper through the day.
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Our services at a glance:

Small minimum quantity

Order your individually imprinted lanyards with your required design from us starting from 100 units.
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Individual basic color

We will custom-make your lanyards individually and in exactly the color you require. The coloring is already included in the price. More info

Short delivery time

The delivery time of your individually
and custom-made lanyards is
14 days
More info

Layout design included

We would be happy to help you design your lanyard. Our layout service is included with your order.
More info

Product safety

Our printed lanyards are labeled in accordance with the Product Safety Act (ProdSG) with Kandinsky’s address.
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Free quality sample

With our quote, we will also provide you with a sample of a custom lanyard.
Free of charge
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Lanyard general

Lanyard: What exactly are lanyards and where does the word come from?

A lanyard or keychain is usually a closed strap made of textile which can be pulled over one’s head or wrist in order to fasten objects such as keys, nametags or cellphones and to always have them close to one’s body. Initially, they were only used to control access at large (music) events and to attach VIP identification. Alternatively, they are therefore sometimes still referred to as ID or badge holders.
While it used to be only a thin strap imprinted in unicolor made of polyester in one of ten standard colors and with a simple fastener at the end, there are hardly any limits to lanyard options today. The most diverse materials (from unusual over high-quality to functional) in various material thicknesses and widths as well as individual refinement and printing methods combined with numerous fasteners and options describes the almost endless spectrum of lanyards. Over the years the lanyard has become a popular fashion accessory worldwide and has established itself as an irreplaceable element of every promotion product collection. End customers have started collecting unique lanyards and the industry has also become increasingly creative when it comes to the design and individuality of its proven lanyard promotion product. The great thing about lanyards is that it can be implemented completely flexibly and across target groups, for each of us has objects which should be at hand. School children who should not lose their house or bike keys, employees who always have to carry their name tags or time cards with them or simply people who wish to complement their keychain with a fashionable and at the same time practical accessory. You can be sure: every visually enticing lanyard you design individually will definitely be a success for your brand.

Years ago, Kandinsky was one of the first producers who introduced the lanyard as an individual product - imported from the Far East – to the German market and successfully distributed them among B2B clients. Today, Kandinsky continues to successfully sell these individually customized lanyard products and is proud to be the market leader in terms of quality, variety, range, and individuality.

Visit our lanyard configurator now and discover the possibilities.

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